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  • Direct debit
    Upon registration you filled in your IBAN number, which will be used to collect your membershipfee through direct debit. The monthly membership fee will be collected in advance. So when your membership starts, you will pay the full monthly fee for the coming month. To give an example: if you start on 7 February, your monthly fee runs from the 7th of February to the 7th of March. When you cancel your membership your debit direct will be automatically cancelled.  

    Changing your bank account number
    You can easily adjust your bank account number in your Member account. 

    Putting payments on hold during maternity period or injury

    Payments will be (temporarily) paused if your membership is put on hold during your maternity period or if you are injured. The direct debit order resumes as soon as your membership is activated again. Any part of the month you already paid for will be settled. 

    After your maternity pause, your Back in Shape membership (unless you have indicated otherwise) will be automatically activated 6 weeks after your delivery date. If you haven't changed your due date to the delivery date in our account, we will base the reactivation on the due date.

    Delivery before the due date

    Did you have your baby before the date and have you already paid for (a part of) a month? Don’t worry. Our system automatically settles that amount as soon as your Back in Shape membership is activated. 

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