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MpowerNext Workout - NEXT level vitality! | Mom In Balance
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MpowerNext is a dynamic workout specifically designed for women focused on changing sports needs. Through a combination of interval and endurance training, you work towards a resilient body. MpowerNext provides a balanced mix of strength training, cardio, and mobility to support you optimally. Challenge yourself and prepare your body for the transition by regulating your hormone balance.

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Let’s (e)mpower change!

Many women, despite changes in hormonal balance, feel stronger than ever in this phase! Our experts know exactly what your body needs to maintain this feeling. After this training, you will go home feeling wonderful, we promise!

Here's what MpowerNext offers you:

  • You experience next-level strength & vitality

  • You optimize your hormonal balance

  • You prevent injuries

  • You know yourself & set your boundaries

A strong sports routine

Building a sports routine possible for everyone? Absolutely! That's the strength of our workouts. Because within a few weeks, you really feel how much stronger you are, the greater your motivation becomes!

When to start with MpowerNext?

The MpowerNext program is designed for women who, on average around the age of 40, feel a changing need for sports. For every woman experiencing this, we have the following checklist:


❑ Your recovery time after exercising increases

❑ You experience an increase in (minor) injuries

❑ You have less desire for sporting competition

❑ You prioritize flexibility over explosiveness

You want:

❑ A sportive new balance in your life

❑ Keeping your body flexible in motion

❑ Being challenged within your physical limits

❑ Feeling strong & vital

Then MpowerNext is for you!

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