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Nadia Tanoto Xin Hui | Mom In Balance
Mom In Balance

Nadia Tanoto Xin Hui

Junyin (1994)

I love trail running as it takes me to challenge myself to the next level and by taking the courage & guts to run in the dark in a mountainous area with no one around except myself. Crossfit for me as is totally different from running, however both running and Crossfit requires mentally & physically preparation for the endurance and strength. I truly believe that when we (every woman) train hard have amazing energy and should take pride in it. I guaranteed that you will be surprised to see how powerful their wills and determination and energy being used.

Mpower running, Crossfit, outdoor rock climb, HIIT workout & diving.

To participate in Ms. Bodybuilding for my age group (above 50s: master) and completing 400km Ultra trail race in Italy

Chocolate (dark) and watch Netflix


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